Motivation: Jumping for the Jellybeans

Hello if you are reading this. Apologies for the slow progress on this blog. I am super busy studying for my MSc but still want to keep this up to share things I find interesting. One such find is a couple of you tube videos which I have linked below.

Frederick Herzberg was an American psychologist who in the 60s became well known for his theories regarding motivation in the workplace. I came across a two part video of a lecture he gave to British business people (mostly men – it was the 70s!). Apart from the interest in hearing about his views from the horses mouth, these videos are well worth a watch. Herzberg is a very engaging speaker with a wry sense of humour. He casually lights a cigarette during the lecturer (again, this was the 70s!) cuts a dashing Columbo-esque figure, giving his lecturer through the haze of smoke. Sadly, it appears there should be further parts to the video but no-one knows where they are. Still, the first two are well worth a watch to learn a bit more about how to motivate employees.

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